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 Who are Advance Mastermind?

Who are Advance Mastermind?

Advance Mastermind is the brainchild of Steve Bishop & Steph Durbin-Wood, two UK based business leaders and owners, who have between them six decades of successful experience working in both large corporates and growing their own businesses.

Steve Bishop

Steve is an experienced senior director with 30 years’ experience built on innovation and problem solving. Steve’s company is multi-award-winning, supporting events and businesses online with award-winning box office ticketing and registrations. He works across UK and internationally to help companies grow cashflow and profit through online business development, incorporating strategic and operational skills, marketing and sales, coaching and development, customer service and project management.

Steph Durbin-Wood

Steph is a UK & international Business Performance Coach and Consultant, with over 30 years’ career experience built on innovation, versatility and variety, with a passion for talent and business growth. Steph works with companies & individuals on both a consultancy basis and as non-executive director, working with boards & leadership teams on business transformation, boardroom behaviours & people development.

How they work as a team

Steve and Steph both have the combined knowledge, experience, energy, passion and drive to support successful and sustainable growth in others. Together they work to coach and mentor others, bringing different experience and viewpoints, in a way that encourages challenge and debate in a safe, constructive and confidential space.


Steve Bishop Steph Durbin-Wood Both Steve and Steph are active and supportive members of the Institute of Directors.


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